New Moon in Capricorn


The most powerful day this month to set intentions for 2018 was not New Year's Day, but is the first new moon of the year which occurs on the evening of Tuesday, January 16th. As humans we are a microcosm of the celestial bodies and on this specific date the energy of Capricorn is at the forefront. The sun (representing the logical mind), the moon (representing the subconscious mind) as well as planets Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Venus are all currently in Capricorn. The energy of Capricorn supports long term goals and plans, structure and ambition making the energy of this moment in time extremely supportive for getting clear on your new dreams and goals for 2018.

As humans, we're part of nature and when we live out of synch with it things don't flow. In my own life the further I strayed from nature, the sicker I became. In healing my illnesses, due to hormonal imbalances, I learned that historically women gathered together on the new moon, a time that marks the beginning of many women's monthly moon cycles. It's a time in which both women and men are more intuitive and inward focused. Because it's the beginning of the moon's cycle it's also a great time to release whatever no longer serves you in your life and to set intentions for your new path (both inward and outer life). Gathering with a supportive circle of women in ceremony and sharing these intentions has a powerful effect. 

Whether you gather with a group of like minded women or perform a solo ceremony at home, the following are some suggestions for working with the strong Earth energy of Capricorn on Tuesday:

  1. Embrace the yin/inward energy of the day by slowing down. Instead of forcing yourself to move fast and "be productive" by consuming afternoon espresso shots and hard core exercise, take a gentle slow walk in nature. As the moon cycle progresses our energy will naturally increase, heightening at the full moon. I try to time my productivity with the moon's cycles to harness these energies. When I worked against it in the past I experienced health problems in the form of adrenal fatigue.
  2. Because Capricorn is an Earth sign it's a good time to wear earthy/grounding minerals such as Shungite, fragrances like Sandalwood and wool fibers (since the goat is the animal associated with Capricorn).
  3. Energetically cleanse your home (by smudging) and your body with herbal bath salts added to a warm candlelit bath. As you cleanse your body reflect on 2017 and the parts of the past year you'd like to wash away.
  4. Add a grounding essential oil to your diffuser and by candlelight, with soft relaxing music, create a vision board for yourself. Cut out images and words that reflect the lifestyle you want to live in 2018. This can be a gentle intuitive process.
  5. Reflect on the theme of your board and consider the steps you could take to move towards the lifestyle represented by your board. Think about one small step you could take each week or every other week that would move you in a new direction.
  6. End with your favorite form of meditation or prayer to close the ceremony. I like to conclude with a sound bath playing crystal bowls and the gong. It could be as simple as a 5 minute sitting meditation followed by a reading aloud of your favorite poem or prayer.
My winter vision board. The theme is spaciousness and creative expression.

My winter vision board. The theme is spaciousness and creative expression.

While the lunar energies cycle monthly, the "responsible, goal-setting, structured" energy of Capricorn is currently at its annual peak. This provides us with a wonderful opportunity to begin the process of bringing our 2018 intentions to life!